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Everything is up in the display case at school! Woohoo!
It’s so refreshing and it feels good to have something I’m super proud of hanging up for everyone at school to see (and I’m finding out there are a lot more weeab/otaku here than I though! o,o)

Everything except the cuffs were made by me. 
Cuffs were crafted by OneTailedWonders (http://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Tailed-Wonders/126479957427482?fref=ts) and they did a beautiful job!

If you look really close at the headscarf on the upper left hand corner with the orchids (hand painted and beaded) there is a very light outline of the gears that are seen through out the Bastion game. Added detail cause I had extra time =3

The harp is my first prop ever! Made it in one night right before the con and haven’t changed a thing yet xD hahaha. I might attempt to make another one soon (because sometimes I think this one looks a little corny) But that can wait =D 

Title: Survivor of the Calamity
Character: Zia
Series: Bastion (Xbox Live Arcade - Warmer Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Coat: green upholstery, purple silk, gold thread, gold upholstery trim
Scarves: orange polyester Fiesta Red Heart, found object viscose rayon
Skirt: burgundy bottom weight stretch cotton, iridescent ribbon
Wrap: brown linen, beads, upholstery trim, tassel
Gauntlet: dyed and tooled leather
Harp: pink foam, dowel rod, gesso, spray paint, acrylic paint, colored guitar strings, upholstery button, beads
Head Scarf: green taffeta, green cotton thread
Orchid Clips: faux flowers, blue pigments, Copic marker, yellow button, clear beads, bobby pin, hot glue

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